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Smile Gallery

Composite Resin Restorations

Post Orthodontic decay repaired with simple and cost effective composite resins.

Esthetic/Cosmetic Resins

Use of Composite Resin to Re-Shape and re-size for a more esthetically pleasing smile.


The upper central incisor had discolored due to an accident as a child. An all ceramic Porcelian Veneer was used to hide the discoloration and create the smile that the patient had always wanted.

All Ceramic Crowns

All Ceramic Crowns (no metal) were used here to negate the effects of aging and wear. Completed in two visits, it was this patients answer to a better and younger looking smile while reinforcing the teeth from the effects of large restorative fillings in the past.


Due to an accident, this 21 year old patient had lost the front central and lateral incisors. Implants were placed by our Oral Surgeon and then restored with crowns, eliminating the need for a bridge (which would have involved crown preps on two additional teeth!) or use of a partial denture.