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Restorative Dentistry Treatment in Urbandale, IA

Tooth colored fillings

While we have a passion for prevention and healing, sometimes teeth break or get cavities that need to be treated with a filling. Fillings are also known as “direct restorations” because they are started and completed in one visit. A filling is done by first removing the decayed part of the tooth (the “cavity”) and replacing and restoring the affected portion. We believe in using the safe materials that are best for your overall health without compromising your natural beauty. That means that we only use biocompatible, mercury-free and BPA-free composite resin that matches your tooth. These materials are strong, durable, and seamlessly blends to your original smile. Learn More.

Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes, fractures or decay can make a tooth too weak to hold a filling. Crowns are done by removing the fractured/decayed tooth structure, often placing a foundation material inside the tooth, and reducing the size of the natural tooth to fit a cap or crown over. Before the final crown is made for you, we take a digital impression of your tooth using our iTero scanner which gets automatically sent to our lab for custom fabrication.

Bridges are very similar to crowns but involve two anchoring crowns to replace missing teeth. No two people and no two teeth are alike – and we make sure your crown looks, and feels, just like the natural tooth did. We use zirconia crowns which are biocompatible, metal-free, and beautiful. Learn More.


Veneers are cousins of crowns and bridges. They are custom fabricated to sit over teeth that are fractured, misshapen, or spaced, without having to remove as much natural tooth structure. They are a great option for those who are unsatisfied with their smile as they can be customized to any size, shape, or position. Learn More.

Dental Implants

Through the surgical placement of an artificial root, gaps can be filled in your smile without the need for crowns being placed on adjacent teeth. Our dentist will place the implant upon which we will complete the final restorations that look and feel like your natural tooth. Learn More.

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