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InvisalignThroughout our lives, our teeth will evolve and change until they create the smile we wear each day as an adult. Most of the time in our younger years we will head to the dentist and undergo treatments such as braces to straighten out wonky teeth and provide us with a smile that lasts. 

Sometimes though we don’t do this during our younger years, and into adulthood we suddenly feel as if we want to change our smile. It is perfectly understandable that you won’t want to wear those train track braces we all know and dread – and this is why other treatments have been developed over the years to fix teeth in a more subtle way. 

Invisalign is a perfect example of this treatment and it is one that all of us should consider if we have issues with our smile.

Invisalign is a treatment that looks to gradually reshape teeth in the same way as braces but without the garish look. Invisalign, as you may have guessed by the name, is pretty much invisible. It is made from transparent plastic and fits around the teeth to mold them into a new shape without leaving you feeling self conscious. Another difference between Invisalign and normal braces is that it is not fixed to your teeth – and can be removed when you eat and brush your teeth. This makes them a much more convenient option for everyday life. 

Today we want to share with you the process of getting Invisalign and what you should expect from it. 



When you are looking to get Invisalign you must first visit the dentist. You can discuss with them your plans and what you hope to gain from Invisalign – and your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. This will then be sent away so that a treatment course can be made custom to you. 


Invisalign creation

Invisalign doesn’t just consist of one item that you repair and tighten over time – it is a series of plastic retainers that will be shaped slightly differently each time to shape your teeth over a period of usually 12 months. Invisalign will take your bite impression and notes to create the perfect treatment course for you that will move your teeth into the positions you want. You’ll get a set of between 12-48 aligners to use. 



The dentist will fit the first retainer for you and show you how to do this for the future. You can see if it is comfortable on your mouth and ensure that it fits correctly. They will then give you the next few retainers in the series and send you away to use these. You’ll then book your next appointment 6 weeks later. 


Treatment time 

When using your retainer – you will need to wear each one for a total of 2 weeks before changing to the next one in the series. After 2 weeks, change to the next one and wear this for another 2 weeks. You can only remove your aligner when you eat and brush your teeth and it is crucial that you wear it while sleeping as this is a large portion of your day. 



After your treatment is over and you have used every aligner you’ll be back for a final consultation to look at the results. If for any reason you are unhappy this can be dealt with, so don’t worry. If you are satisfied though you will be given a retainer to wear for at least 6 months to ensure that the teeth don’t fall back into their old positions.

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