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Improving our smile throughout the years of our life is something many of us hope to do. There are many treatments dentists can provide to us such as fillings, crowns, whitening and more to make us feel happier and more confident in our smile. 

One of the types of treatment you can get for your teeth this year is bonding. Teeth bonding is a treatment that is usually carried out to preserve the natural tooth where it has been weakened. Your tooth may have been weakened by a whole host of things such as cracks, cavities, breaks and chips. 

A filling will be installed into your teeth and it will restore strength to your teeth and protect it from future damage. One of the most common types of filling is silver amalgam and this type of filling is used very often on the back teeth where they cannot really be seen. 

For front teeth though – silver fillings might be a little garish and this is why colored fillings can be used instead that will fit better with the tooth and look more natural. 


Why choose colored fillings?

There are many important reasons to choose colored fillings over metal ones and some of these include: 

  • Aesthetics – no more garish looking solve fillings
  • Color match – colored fillings come in many shades and should be able to closely match your tooth
  • Bonding – colored filling bond well to the tooth and can protect front teeth seamlessly
  • No more mercury – the great news is that colored filling contains no mercury which can otherwise be poisonous 


Are colored fillings worth it? 

Whether you have an amalgam filling already or you are looking to get a filling for your teeth – why would you choose a colored one? Well, the simple reason is for confidence. A colored filling looks much more natural and will allow you to avoid having bright silver shining out of your mouth. 


How are they fitted? 

Now that you know a little bit about colored fillings it is time to consider the procedure and how they will be fitted to your mouth. Here are the steps taken when having a colored filling: 

  • Numbing – the dentist will numb the area around the tooth with an injection to make sure you don’t feel anything as the treatment is carried out. Note that sometimes this isn’t even needed. 
  • Remove decay – now is the time to drill away any decayed material and make room for the filling to go on top. 
  • Remove weak bits of tooth – if your tooth is broken there may be some weak parts of it that need to be removed before proceeding.
  • Shaping – once your tooth is ready it will be shaped to allow for the filling to fit in securely. 
  • Filling the tooth – once the hole is shaped, your filling material will be placed inside the tooth
  • Curing – for composite fillings there will be a UV curing process used to set the filling. For amalgam fillings a small metal band will be placed under the filling to hold it in place while it dries. 

Consider switching to colored fillings today for the best treatment on your teeth.