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Dental Implants in Urbandale, Iowa

Even if you do all that you can to protect your teeth from cavities or other dental issues, they can still occur. Dental problems such as getting a tooth pulled or knocked out can cause problematic gaps in your smile. At Cedar Ridge Esthetic & Family Dentistry, we want our patients to have full smiles that they are confident in showing off. When it comes to having a missing adult tooth, there are a few restorative treatments that one can consider. The most popular and most permanent solution is the dental implants.


Dental Implant Procedure

We make sure to educate our patients on each procedure that we offer to help you decide which option is best for you. Below we have described the two parts of the dental implant: the implant and the tooth crown.


Implant: The implant portion of the procedure is the piece that makes the dental implant a permanent solution to a missing tooth. An implant is a small titanium rod or screw that is placed into a patient’s jaw bone through oral surgery. This rod will act as the new tooth’s root, providing a secure foundation for the artificial tooth to live on. 

In addition to providing a strong base for the new tooth, the implant also promotes health for the jaw bone and surrounding tissues through stimulation caused by chewing. 


Tooth Crown/Restoration: Once your jaw has healed from your implant placement surgery after 4-6 months, we can place the remainder of the restoration called the tooth crown. A tooth crown is an artificial tooth that can be made from either porcelain or composite material. Each crown is specifically designed to fit into a patient’s smile perfectly, matching all surrounding natural teeth. 

At your first appointment, you will work with the dentist on getting an impression of your teeth to determine the size of the tooth and the desired shade. 


Benefits to Dental Implants

Compared to other restorative treatments, dental implants have many benefits including: 


  • A permanent solution to having a missing tooth. Other than getting regular cleanings and checkups, the dental implant won’t need any regular maintenance. 


  • The implant’s artificial material can fully resist any decay and cavities that other natural teeth may suffer from. 


  • While having a missing tooth can greatly damage self-esteem and confidence, dental implants can give you back the confidence you deserve. 


  • When a tooth goes missing, your jaw bone and surrounding tissues and teeth are at greater risk for damage, deterioration, and even movement. A tooth restoration can prevent these problems from occurring. We encourage anyone who has a missing tooth to greatly consider a restorative option, like dental implants. 


Cedar Ridge Esthetic & Family Dentistry in Urbandale, Iowa is the place to go when you need a proper and professional restoration that will enhance your smile. Give us a call or reach out to us through our website to learn more about dental implants and your other options when it comes to restorative dentistry.