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What Does It Mean To Be An Esthetic Family Dentistry in Urbandale, IA?

At Cedar Ridge Dentistry, based in Urbandale, Iowa, the family values we hold are unique in our field. We pride ourselves on creating a bespoke experience for all our visitors, holding our customer service to the highest of standards. Being an esthetic family dentistry in Urbandale, the outcome of your dental care and in-branch experience is so important to us. We understand the very pressing needs of your oral health and appearance. Loving your smile can change your whole outlook on your appearance, and we vow to work tirelessly to achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. 


Why Visit Us?

Unlike other dentist companies who take a more clinical approach, you will never feel that way in our branch. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to dentistry. What does this mean? Our dentists are all fully qualified biological dentists who provide safe healing and operating methods. Cedar Ridge are the only providers of this incredible service in the whole of Iowa! However, there is an added luxury of holistic methods which aid healing and promote relaxation. Here is how your experience will stand out!

  • Relaxation practices. When you arrive at Cedar Ridge, you will be greeted warmly with a range of relaxation methods which help tailor your experience with us. These include a heated neck wrap and essential oils, which relax your muscles and soothe your mind while you wait for your appointment.
  • Promptness of appointments. We know that having a dentist appointment in the middle of the day can feel like an annoying obstacle to your regular routine. Showing up to an appointment only to be told you’ll have to wait even longer than you thought can be an extreme inconvenience to your day! That’s why we are committed to promptness, making your day go as smoothly as possible.
    • A two way street. Here at Cedar Ridge, we understand that it can be frustrating to feel ignored or palmed off by a medical professional. We are here to give our expert advice and treatments, but we are also here to listen to your concerns and converse with you about your dental needs. 
  • Healing, not just treatment. Having dental surgery is often unavoidably painful. Using our bespoke service with our uniquely trained practitioners, Cedar Ridge dentistry helps you all the way through the healing process after your procedure. Not only this, but we are passionate about prevention. At your checkup we can provide you with advice and treatments, such as thorough professional teeth cleaning, which can prevent gum disease and other harmful problems with your teeth in the future.


Esthetic Family Dentistry in Urbandale

Dentistry is about oral health, but it is also about appearance and confidence. We know you want to feel proud of your smile, and we are here to help you. Offering speciality tooth-colored fillings and other esthetic services, we can assure your teeth are in amazing condition, whilst also adhering to your appeariential needs!