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What Is A Functional Dentist?

Functional dentists are trained dentists that do much of what a traditional general dentist would do, plus a little bit extra. The main difference is a mindset shift. We see your oral health intertwined with your systemic and general health and use that information to get to the root of your problems. Functional dentistry provides a variety of treatments that fall beyond that of traditional dentistry. Using more natural remedies and alternative forms of treatment, more and more people are opting for holistic dentistry.


Functional versus traditional dentistry

Functional dentists are often also called biological or holistic dentists. Most holistic dentists will prefer to use herbal remedies for their treatments, often forgoing fluoride for patients. Holistic dentists will also avoid using mercury within their practice, meaning they won’t provide amalgam fillings. Functional and holistic dentists understand that every patient is unique and unique treatment options should be available.

A functional dentist will spend a long time being educated and trained on different treatment modalities, ensuring that they provide the best results for patients. Many modern dentists combine both holistic and traditional dentistry to help provide a wide range of treatments for all patients.


Types of holistic treatments

There are many types of holistic dental treatments available, but at Cedar Ridge Dentistry, we offer two primary treatments:

● SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) removal of amalgam fillings, replacing them with a more natural compound to give teeth a better aesthetic.
● Ozone therapy, which can be used to eliminate bacteria, encourage healing and provide a more natural way of dealing with common dental problems including cavities, abscesses, periodontal disease and more.

These treatments are non-invasive and provide excellent results for people looking for a more natural approach to their oral health. What’s great about these treatments is that they are well-suited to those who have anxiety about going to the dentist, helping to change perceptions while providing patients with effective treatments.


Your Functional dentist in Urbandale, Iowa

If you’re looking for a functional or holistic dentist in Central Iowa, Cedar Ridge Dental can help. Our experienced team covers a wide range of services, including holistic dentistry, to help you achieve your best smile.

We want you to experience a positive, relaxed visit at our practice, and we’ll always endeavor to put you at ease. With comfortable surroundings and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, we’re a trusted and respected Urbandale dentist providing services for the whole family.

Your dentist will be able to discuss our treatment options with you and make recommendations to ensure the best approach for you. We’re constantly exploring new treatment developments to make sure our patients can benefit from the latest advances in dentistry.

You can find out more about our holistic dental treatments by getting in touch with our team.


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