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What to do if you Have a Broken Tooth

Even though our teeth are one of the strongest components of our bodies, they still have limitations. At Cedar Ridge Esthetic and Family Dentistry, we do everything to help you keep your smile healthy. However, the unexpected can still occur. We are ready to assist you in any dental emergency, whether you fall, get hit, or bite something hard, but especially in the case of broken teeth. A damaged tooth can cause discomfort right away, and understanding how to react in each case might mean the difference between recovering your natural smile and not. Our Urbandale, Iowa, dental office can help you if you have a broken tooth. 


What do I do First When I Have a Broken Tooth? 

When you first notice that you’ve broken a tooth, try to find the missing piece. If found, place the fractured piece back into your mouth, bite down, and hold it in place with gauze or a cloth. Keep the tooth wet if you can’t get the piece back into your mouth. It works best if you soak it in milk or warm salt water. If you cannot locate the missing piece, do what you can to stop any bleeding, reduce any swelling, and then come into our office right away. 

To help with the sensitivity, we recommend using mild pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. These over-the-counter pain medications should be taken exactly as instructed. Use wax or sugarless gum on top of the fractured tooth if it is pointy or sharp to prevent tearing in your mouth. Apply pressure with a rag if you’re feeling any bleeding. Reduce any swelling or inflammation with a cold compress. Please contact our office as soon as possible. Our doctor, Dr. Ayah Bilbeisi, has been professionally trained and is completely qualified to handle your dental emergency. 


What Happens Once I am in the Office?

We will get you back to the dentist as soon as you come to our office. Dr. Ayah Bilbeisi will evaluate the break and the shattered pieces and choose the best course of action as promptly as possible. Our dental assistants will do everything they can to relieve your pain and make you feel more at peace. Everyone’s circumstance is unique, but we can restore the original tooth in most cases. If that is the case for you, work will begin right away to save your tooth. 

If this is not the case, and your original tooth cannot be restored, you can choose from a variety of dental restoration options. Dental bonding is the most common, followed by dental crowns, bridges, and veneers. Each of these procedures will restore your smile to its original appearance. No matter what happens or how your tooth breaks off, you can be assured that there is a recovery for you. We will not begin any restoration procedure unless you completely understand the steps and feel comfortable with the process. 


We have been expertly educated on treating dental emergencies at Cedar Ridge Esthetic and Family Dentistry. One of the most common dental emergencies we assist with is broken teeth. Please do not hesitate to contact us and come to our Urbandale, Iowa, dental clinic if you break a tooth. We’ll get you into our office as quickly as possible to relieve your pain and get you on the road to recovery. We love your smile as much as you do, and we want you to know you’re in good hands!